Trail of Terror

For those that don’t survive Nightmare Forest, what’s left of its victims are left for dead in the woods of the Trail of Terror. Now, the dead are uprooting from the earth to seek revenge for the torture their souls have endured from the evil of Nightmare Forest. Trail of Terror is a horrifying experience that you must survive, or you will become one of the many trapped by the forest.

You’ll be entering the world of the dead into a massive, terrifying cemetery unlike any other. If you escape the damned, you’ll begin your walk down the Trail of Terror where you will encounter a life-size dollhouse, where the dolls are more than just dolls! Then you’ll step into the world of Fallout, a real life Area 51! You’ll finish your trek with the New Orleans Cemetery and Death on the Bayou! Come for a visit, but if you’re not careful, you’ll become the next victim of the forest at the Trail of Terror!