Circus Bizarre

Hawthorne’s Circus Bizarre, the most unusual show in America, is an extreme variety show featuring sideshows and circus arts. It is entertainment on the edge of reality.

Hawthorne, known as the modern day mystic, has been known to open the veil to the other side as he summons the spirits of the dead to touch, talk, and interact with the audience. He will leave you gasping, screaming and wanting more as he shoves hot flaming torches down his throat, walks barefoot across razor sharp shards of glass, performs various feats of pain resistance and much, much, more. He even attempts a live human electrocution featuring an authentic 1940s prison electric chair. It is all real, all extremely dangerous, and all performed right before your eyes, if you dare to keep them open. Mixed in between all the madness and mayhem, the sexy girls of burlesque will take the stage and perform bawdy, funny and sensual vaudeville dances.

Then, before you leave, visit the strange, the odd, and the unbelievable in the most unique and unexplained oddities museum. Featuring unicorns, shrunken heads, chupacabras and much more, including the “world famous IT.”