Live Hollywood’s Most Horrifying Moments

32 Years of Fear Louisville’s longest nightmare trail of horror

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General Admission $30 • Speed Pass $45 • VIP (skip the line) $65

VIP passes have limited availability and must be purchased at location.


32 years of fear!


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Jessica Bulleit Avatar
Jessica Bulleit
If you love haunted houses for their long duration, this is definitely a must-see! I never knew where actors were going to pop out from. We had so much fun!!!
Tommy Woosley Avatar
Tommy Woosley
Always at the top of my list of haunted house visits each year. My kids have a blast each and every time. The actors are amazing. Super friendly staff. The side show is very entertaining. The scenes look amazing. The concession has great food. This haunted would be rated 50 stars if were allowed. Highly recommended. 👏👏👏
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L P Avatar
We took our family here last night and had THE BEST TIME EVER!!!!!! We bought Fast Passes and the line moved so quickly. It was a very long and FUN FUN FUN Haunt. The characters were Awesome!!!! It was so worth the money!!!!!!! It had been a few years since we were here last and it was good then. But, it is EVEN BETTER NOW!!!! The sideshow was good too!!!! I want to say RUN DON'T WALK here next year because it was that GOOD!!!!
Abby Miller Avatar
Abby Miller
I went last weekend and have been meaning to make a review but kept forgetting. Anyway, I absolutely adored this haunt! The price is great for such a long duration, I think our run was about 50 minutes total. Their scenes are FANTASTIC! They definitely put a lot of effort into building them and you can tell their construction team are professionals. There was an unfortunate situation in the group in front of us where someone had a seizure and the actors and staff handled it extremely well, making sure not to disturb our group despite it being an emergency (not that we would have cared but I was impressed by how efficiently it was approached). My friend and I really loved all of the movie monster scenes. I definitely screamed a lot and I feel like, even despite the long drive from Louisville, we got more than our money's worth! I can't wait to go back!
Presten Todd Avatar
Presten Todd
Even better than last year! So much scares, animatronics, and a lot of actors, startling sounds, claustrophobia, and horror movie characters, such as Freddy, Jason, Pazuzu from The Exorcist, Zenomorph, Pennywise and Georgie, Michael Myers, Leatherface, 13 Ghosts, Highly recommend, great food, service. Great theming. I would go again
Jessica Bulleit Avatar
Jessica Bulleit
Love this place and the characters in it! Such an interesting concept with a ton of different ideas. This place is also longer than many others we've been to and the woods add to the experience! We had so much fun and will definitely be back next year!
mike bee Avatar
mike bee
Parking is in a field so watch the mud when it is wet out. Traffic was busy around Highway 1638 when leaving.
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Eli Avatar
I had a great time have been goin for the past 4 years with my friends and we all love it. The only issue is the lines are very long and the last year I went I waited for 3 or more hours which made us buy the VIP this year.
James Peek Avatar
James Peek
Just wondering what are your hours of operation I don't want to miss out I'll change to a 5 star rating if I get a response back I've heard really good things about y'all and can't wait to experience it ik its yalls last day but I'mma come